[DWJ] Re: The Last Battle (was witches in fiction, and exploiting)

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Thu Jun 22 12:22:34 EDT 2006

The lack of blood drove me nuts.  I *like* blood.

LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au wrote:  

> > It's not that I have a problem with Bible stories... they are some of
> > best stories around. It was the sneaky way in which it was done, and
that I
> > was sucked in, without knowing what it was REALLY about.
> >
> > So I understand where Philip Pullman is coming from.
> Allegory, metaphor, parable... never thought of them being SNEAKY before!

I know, it's strange. I suppose it's because NOW I feel like Lewis had a
hidden agenda. I always thought that the books were just cracking good
adventure stories... but really, secretly, they were pushing the Bible.

Did anyone else see/hate the film?

And notice how there was NO BLOOD?? it was particularly glaringly obvious
when Aslan told Peter that he should always clean his sword. And his sword
was shiny and clean already, because there had been no blood.

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