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Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
  >On the whole I rather liked that than disliking it, because being an
awkward sort of child, I wondered what happened about other people having
lived in Mr. Tumnus's house since he had been there, and who got to live
there in the "real" Narnia, and what about the houses in the "real" England
that were in towns that had been gradually changing over the centuries:
which one on a given site would be the one that stayed or were the towns
just much bigger? 
  You're not alone in that wondering. I think St Paul's cathedral would be an interesting test case for real Englishness, because CSL would have been familiar both with the mediaeval church (so central to London life in the periods in which he was particularly expert) and of course with Wren's wonderful, if suspiciously Italianate, replacement. Or - obDWJ - perhaps the *real* real England just has grassy ruin of Spauls, discovered by Vivian in *A Tale of Time City*...
  It may be that this problem can be got round in some way, perhaps by shifitng some of the good stuff out to areas where architecture has been uniformly mediocre since the building of the first roundhouse, but this does seem a bit of a cheat. I like to imagine that a celestial committee has been formed to consider the matter, probably with Nikolaus Pevsner chairing.

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