[DWJ] Re: The Last Battle (was witches in fiction, and exploiting)

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Thu Jun 22 10:12:31 EDT 2006

> I know, it's strange. I suppose it's because NOW I feel like Lewis had a
> hidden agenda. I always thought that the books were just cracking good
> adventure stories... but really, secretly, they were pushing the Bible.

I remember hearing that they were Christian in high school, and having 
to go back and read them again, because when I first read them at the 
age of nine I thought it was just one of those dying-and-reborn king/god 
things. (No, really, I did; I can remember thinking that in the 
Children's Room of the public library...) I felt really stupid for not 
figuring it out. In my 20s I read more about Lewis and realized that, 
given his background (and mine), it wasn't surprising that I caught on 
to the Golden-Boughish theme but not the fact that it was explicitly 
Christian, and don't feel so stupid.

The Golden Bough, though, is one of those books that I tried to read and 
kept wanting to throw against the wall for the sheer idiotic 
Victorianism of the anthropological conjecture. 

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