[DWJ] Re: Last Battle

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jun 22 09:08:31 EDT 2006

>  I like it from the moment they enter the stable, but up till then I get 
> too stressed by the false Aslan plot - as I tend to by all plots that 
> involve mistaken identity, people being accused of crimes they did not 
> commit, misunderstandings, etc (and a lot of plots do). This may be why 
> I've never been a great reader of school stories, where such things seem 
> to go on all the time.
>  The absence of the nylon-bedazzled Susan never bothered me - I think I'd 
> never quite forgiven her for being so snippy with Lucy in Prince Caspian.
>  Charlie

Charlie, I'm just like you, here. I always get intensely uncomfortable with 
plots containing the kinds of misunderstandings you describe. I *really* 
don't like all that stuff about the donkey and the Ape either. When I'm 
watching a film and the plot develops in these kinds of ways, it's not 
unusual for me to get up and leave the room (one reason why I'm often 
happier watching something at home on DVD rather than in a cinema). It can 
be troublesome because there is a whole range of such developments that I 
find hard to watch. A lot of what most people call "suspense" really doesn't 
appeal to me.

I've always felt I was rather strange in not liking this particular kind of 
plot development because as you say, it's pretty common.


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