[DWJ] Re: The Last Battle (was witches in fiction, and exploiting)

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jun 22 08:58:15 EDT 2006

Although I always felt intensely uncomfortable about Susan losing everyone 
and being left out, I always assumed, like Minnow, that her being left out 
of the real Narnia or heaven or whatever you want to call it was not final. 
And though The Last Battle has never been my favourite, I certainly don't 
hate it. One of the things I really is that scene when Emeth the Calormene 
paraphrases Aslan's explanation of how he is beloveded to Aslan even though 
he has worshipped Tash all his life.


>I hate The Last Battle for many reasons, partly the
> end of Narnia, partly because of the Ape, but mostly
> because of Susan.
> I mean, she was left alone in our world, with her
> entire family wiped out, because she forgot Narnia?!?
> She was not a bad person, just shallow.
> Yuk.
> Esther
> in Israel
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