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I don't know.  I had never heard the second pronunciation with  that spelling until I watched the BBC's Pride and Prejudice and  realized the name I always said Mah-REE-ah was being pronounced the way  my friends' names were pronounced -- but my friends' names were splled  Mariah, Moria, and many other variations, but never Maria.  (That  must have been a terribly popular name in 1985, when I was born; seems  half my acquaintances were named some variation on the same.   Funny thing is, I don't seem to know any of them anymore even though  they must still be out there.)

LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au wrote:  

Aunt Maria is from Black Maria.

Oh, and do we say "Ma-REE-a" (as in, "I just met a girl named...")

or "Ma-RIGH-a" (to rhyme with higher)

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