[DWJ] Big Bad Read/Narnia

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Thu Jun 22 00:09:44 EDT 2006

Well, Dickens was writing in a serial genre that used stock characters. Sykes is
a bit like a Jacobean villian (ex: Bosola in The Duchess of Malfi, who is a bad
guy because he tells us he is) who doesn't need much motivation or character

I once was upset that DWJ seemed to have so many evil females, but then, I was
mollified by their being so interesting. So interesting in fact, that I'm
always forgetting their male conspirators--Mr. Whosit with Laurel or Sir
Whatsisname with Grundo's mother. Its a bit like how the Last Governess always
faded into the background around Uncle Ralph, but with opposite genders in many

Re: Narnia: When I read Homeward Bounders, the ending always reminded me a bit
of Narnia: Susan and Jamie left behind to help keep knowledge of the Real
place. Doesn't quite work, but maybe I just felt sorry for Jamie in the same
way that I felt sorry for Susan, being left out of all the fun the friends and
family might be having.


> On 22/6/06 12:21 PM, "Ian W. Riddell"  wrote:
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> > Bill Sikes was just downright evil, evil, evil. Not much makes me more
> > uncomfortable than someone singing "As Long as He Needs Me" (Nancy's song
> > from the musical "Oliver") out of context. I mean, for pete's sake, she
> > sings it just before . . . .
> >

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