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The rap lyrics detailed earnestly and intellectually in the OED made me laugh!  Thank you for solving the mystery.

deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:  On Wed, 21 Jun 2006, Elizabeth G. Holtrop wrote:
|  OT: I've seen that "word" expression all over the Internet, and I never  managed to figure out what it's referring to. Can someone fill me in?

Not only am I such a nerd that I looked in the OED, I *found* it.

>From "DRAFT ADDITIONS MARCH 2006" in the online OED:


* slang (orig. U.S., in the language of rap and hip-hop). Also
word up. Expressing affirmation or agreement: .That's the
truth!. .There's no denying it!. .For sure!.

  1981 D. REEVES et al. Money (Dollar Bill Y'all) (song) in L. A.
  Stanley Rap: Lyrics (1992) 301 Word.., that's a good record,
  man. 1986 .CAMEO. (title of record) Word up! 1993 B. CROSS It's
  not about Salary 251 Tommy Boy signed it, and here's the House
  of Pain, word up. 2002 N. MCDONELL Twelve liii. 133 .Yo b, we
  gonna smoke some mad bowls tonight,. Timmy says to Mark Rothko.
  .Word, word,. Mark Rothko agrees sagely.
*is a nerd*

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