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Considering Prince Caspian a little bit more today, I think another  aspect that makes it my favorite of the series is the fact that magic  has all but died out of common knowledge in Narnia, and then there's  this huge awakening and the world becomes magical (and exciting!)  again.  I loved the secrecy and the subsequent bursting  forth.  When I was young, it made me happy to think of that  happening in our world.

Judith Ridge <Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au> wrote:  I don¹t think I¹ve ever considered which is my favourite Narnia book before,
but I suppose I would say it¹s a toss-up between LWW and The Dawn Treader.
But then I have so many favourite bits from the books; scenes and so on that
have stayed vividly with me since about 1972...

The golden man in the stream

The painting of the Dawn Treader coming to life

Lucy looking over the Dawn Treaders sides and all the creatures she sees

That book with the recipes for preparing Man

The creatures with the large foot that seconded as an umbrella

The fact that the Calormenes ate oil instead of butter (I think this was
intended to condemn them for their oily, Middle-Easternish ways, but it
seemed entirely exotic and appealing to me)

Shasta and Bree fleeing the lion, and that moment when they realise someone
else is riding alongside them

Puddleglum. I love Puddleglum

Reepicheep and that moment when he disappears over the edge of the world

The creation of Narnia and the explanation of the lamp post

And as obvious as it sounds, Lucy¹s first steps into Narnia

I appear to remember almost nothing from Prince Caspian, and while I
remember a great deal about The Last Battle, they are not favourite
memories. I think I always found it compelling in a sort of frightening and
elevated way, and while I got the ³Saved!² thrill (I don¹t remember at all
what I felt about Susan not joining them‹sad, I suppose), it would be my
least loved of the books.

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