[DWJ] Big Bad Read

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Jun 21 21:53:16 EDT 2006

Lili said:

Speaking of CS Lewis, has anyone else been voting in the Big Bad Read for
their favourite literary villain?

No DWJ Jones villains though, but I suppose we could make our own list...

The Companion in Dogsbody?
That horrible woman in The Merlin Conspiracy whose name has escaped me?

(notices they're all women)


Thanks for the pointer to the Big Bad Read, Lili.  For those who haven't been to look for it yet, it's at  http://www.bigbadread.co.uk/ - and I see they ask us to email them with suggestions for villains who are not yet on their list. Just as well, as the pool of books/authors that they draw their villains from seems quite small, and there are quite a few that I would never class as 'children's books'. Animal Farm, fr'example.
So we could all send in our favourite DWJ villain. Mine changes depending on which book I'm reading, but I think Aunt Maria and the Morrigan are currently competing for first place as the creepiest. 


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