[DWJ] Re: The Last Battle (was witches in fiction, and exploiting)

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Wed Jun 21 18:04:15 EDT 2006

I've read some commentary on the problem of Susan, and from what I've  gathered, there's a lot more commentary that I have not run into.   In fact, didn't Neil Gaiman write a short story called The Problem of  Susan?  The latest piece I read argued that a) Lewis needed one  character to be left behind, and, for various reasons, Susan was the  only one to fit the bill; and b) Susan is not without hope, since Earth  was not destroyed at the time Narnia was destroyed, and she could still  convert and go to Heaven when she dies.
  I generally get annoyed at Lewis for his treatment of Susan, but I have to admit I appreciated the above points.

estairm at yahoo.com wrote:  I hate The Last Battle for many reasons, partly the
end of Narnia, partly because of the Ape, but mostly
because of Susan.  

I mean, she was left alone in our world, with her
entire family wiped out, because she forgot Narnia?!? 

She was not a bad person, just shallow.  


in Israel

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