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I had a  severely practical "take" on that bit.  Susan hadn't died: she
wasn't  in the train-crash that killed the other three (I always suspected
that was  at Bristol Temple Meads, because the long curve and where they
were going  seemed to fit).  So she wasn't immediately eligible for "heaven"
or  "super-Narnia" or wherever it was the others ended up.  I always  assumed
that so long as she didn't actively and for ever deny whatever  aspect of
God she ended up with during her life-time, she'd get there in  the end,

Lewis *says* that in one of his letters, that Susan has time to repent. The  
part I've never understood is why everyone has to die in a train  crash 
anyway, if heaven is outside time. Whyever couldn't they all have gotten  together 
at the end *and* had long lives in England first? Personally I think  Lewis 
didn't think through what it would be like for Susan being left behind,  but 
perhaps that's because I never thought about it myself until I was grown up  and 
had read the stories over and over. I am pretty sure it didn't even occur to  
me of my own accord, but was pointed out to me by someone else.
I do like _The Last Battle_, and don't find it boring at all. In fact the  
reason I re-read it less than the others is precisely because I find it *too*  
edge-of-the-seat-y, a feeling I often dislike, for the same reason I dislike  
Helen Schinske

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