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Wed Jun 21 15:54:05 EDT 2006

Minnow wrote:

I had a severely practical "take" on that bit.  Susan
hadn't died: she wasn't in the train-crash that killed
the other three (I always suspected that was at
Bristol Temple Meads, because the long curve and where
were going seemed to fit).  So she wasn't immediately
eligible for "heaven" or "super-Narnia" or wherever it
was the others ended up.  I always assumed that so
long as she didn't actively and for ever deny whatever
aspect of God she ended up with during her life-time,
she'd get there in the end, because it was made plain
that super-Narnia was just one bit of a much larger
place; each "ring" was larger than the one outside it,
and their parents, whom they saw waving to them from
another spur off the main part of Aslan's Country,
were presumably not there because they'd been King And
Queen Of Narnia: that bit was "real England" where no
good thing was ever destroyed.  Susan just didn't have
the luck to die young as those whom the gods love do,
but she wasn't barred from heaven forever, as I saw

Minnow, that was exactly my take on it.  BUT, how
HORRIBLE to lose your parents and all your siblings at
one shot and live on as a branch severed from all
other branches, trunk and roots.

I may be especially sensitive to this because my
father is a survivor of the Holocaust and lost parents
and several siblings.  And he feels *fortunate*
because he has a brother and sister left.  He had
friends who lost parents and all siblings, cousins,
aunts and uncles.  A couple we knew were both in this
same boat and the wife once said they felt like Adam
and Eve.  Raising kids alone with no advice from
family, in a strange country... 


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