[DWJ] witches in fiction, and exploiting

Kyla Tornheim kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Wed Jun 21 08:50:14 EDT 2006

On Tue, 20 Jun 2006 15:49:25 -0700 (PDT), Elizabeth G. Holtrop wrote:

>  That said, I'm not sure a lot of people get to the 7th book in the
> series.  Most people's favorite seems to be The Lion, the Witch, and the
> Wardrobe, and possibly that says something about whether anyone is
> getting to the end of the series.

Huh. My favorite was always The Horse and His Boy, with The Magician's
Nephew second. I think I tend to like odd-book-out of series quite often.

> I think The Last Battle is boring as a story, but it does have some nice
> theological points -- which my parents made known to me every time they
> read the series to me and my sister.  Thankfully, it was an unbroken
> tradition that when we started the series, we *always* had to read all
> seven of the books.

It's my own personal rule that I have to read all seven of the books, but
whenever I get to Last Battle, I pause and say, "But I *hate* this one!"
and then I read it and it's not nearly as bad as I remember, but I still
don't like it. It's probably because I dislike the theological points
being disguised as world-destruction. I'm upset that I've read six books
about this world, and the seventh is not only destroying it but saying
that it's okay. And while I can understand people accepting that, I don't.

If you had a rotating room like the one in Bye Bye Bye,
would you ever leave it? I wouldn't.

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