[DWJ] witches in fiction, and exploiting

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Tue Jun 20 18:57:34 EDT 2006

Well, now you've inspired me to reread Till We Have Faces.  I  almost submitted it as a book I regretted reading during that  discussion, because I read it when I was 12 or 13 and most of it went  over my head, leaving only the scary parts that lingered for  years.  I did not understand Greek mythology or Christian theology  or C.S. Lewis for the most part.  Why my dad suggested I read it  at such a young age I have no idea.
  Anyhow...I've been meaning to give it another go for a while now.

Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at Proffitt.com> wrote:In my religion, poor C.S. Lewis has been adopted as an honorary Mormon--he'd
probably have hated that--because his interpretations of Christian doctrine
are similar enough to ours that a Latter-day Saint can read his books very
comfortably.  I like his theological writings as well as his fiction, and
frankly I wish more people read _Till We Have Faces_--very complex issues of
faith and one's relationship to God.

Melissa Proffitt

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