[DWJ] witches in fiction, and exploiting

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Tue Jun 20 18:49:25 EDT 2006

If most Christians practiced what they preached, the world would be very, very, very different.
  That said, I'm not sure a lot of people get to the 7th book in the  series.  Most people's favorite seems to be The Lion, the Witch,  and the Wardrobe, and possibly that says something about whether anyone  is getting to the end of the series.  I think The Last Battle is  boring as a story, but it does have some nice theological points --  which my parents made known to me every time they read the series to me  and my sister.  Thankfully, it was an unbroken tradition that when  we started the series, we *always* had to read all seven of the books.

minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
I find it a little surprising how many Christians are so strongly in favour
of the Narnia books, when the message in the last of them is so clearly
that bad Narnians are not saved but a good Calormene *is*.  The young
soldier has worshipped Tash all his life, and Aslan still accepts him.  How
does that fit in with the "anyone who isn't my sort of christian is damned"
outlook, I ask but get no answer as a rule.


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