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>Sorry.  That was very  careless; I meant Xtian (like Augustus Carp), or
>something, when I used  the Capital C Christian

But Xtian is a normal abbreviation that Christians themselves might use. I  
think Lewis uses it occasionally (he used a lot of abbreviations in his  
correspondence). I did see "Christianist" in the New Yorker the other day, along  
the lines of "Islamist." I think both sound horrible, frankly. Would anyone say  
Jewist, or Judaismist? Buddhismist? Friendist? (Are you meant to be starting  
with the noun or the adjective when you make these things up, anyway?)
These things are hard to say. I'd better stop, or there'll be spit all over  
my keyboard. (By the way, my son just had an expander put in -- one of those  
palate-widening gizmos orthodontists use -- and hith thpeechth ith a little  
peculiah ath a rethult. Naturally on the way to school he starts a conversation 
 involving the words Methodist and Episcopalian. It wath pretty funny.
Helen Schinske

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