[DWJ] witches in fiction, Xtianity

rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 20 11:52:09 EDT 2006

minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

>Sorry.  That was very careless; I meant Xtian (like Augustus Carp), or
>something, when I used the Capital C Christian; when I mean what I regard
>as the real thing, as eg my Ma or my Sainted Aunt Sally (incidentally,
>neither of them ever claimed to *be* a christian, each said that she was
>*trying* to be one, which seems to me to be a very reasonable stance since
>one can't really be sure one is succeeding in following that very difficult
>set of instructions such as "be ye perfect as my Father in Heaven is
>perfect", which I don't think anyone manages in this life), I tend to spell
>it with a small c, as I spell pagan with a small p, but I didn't make that
>at all clear.  I was thinking of the sort of person who claims to follow
>Christ but ignores the boring "love thy neighbour" stuff in favour of "thou
>shalt not suffer a witch to live", and who would've been the chaps who
>passed by the wounded man who fell among thieves on the other side of the
>road and withdrew the hem of their garments from him because he wasn't one
>of *their* sort of people, or who condemned Christ himself for "consorting
>with sinners" and claiming a *tax gatherer* as one of his disciples and
>generally not being what they expected of a Proper Prophet.  Those are the
>people who have the "anyone who isn't my sort of christian is damned"
>mindset, and many of them also approve of Narnia, and I simply don't see
>how they manage both at once.
I think the word you want here is not Christian, but christianist - it's 
a word I've heard people use to describe people who fit your profile. 
Not actually Christians as defined by people like Melissa, but using 
Christianity to promote a narrow set of views, often for political 
purposes. (Like the politician who is against gay rights on moral 
grounds but who also reportedly gave his business card to 2 cute young 
lesbians and offered them $1000 for sex.)


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