[DWJ] Early fantasy?

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Mon Jun 19 21:31:48 EDT 2006

Jane wrote

> And it 
> occurred to me that these are very like fantasy, but set in this world in 
> undiscovered areas, and that it's only as so much of the world has been 
> discovered that fantasy has had to move to other planets and parallel 
> universes.  Unlike SF, which was around at the same time HRH was writing 
> (HG Wells, for example), but hinges on science rather than other 
> civilisations.  
But fantasy _hasn't_ "had to move to other planets and parallel 
universes." Sure, they exist in fantasy, but there are also lots of 
fantasy novels that don't require them. Look at _Eight Days of Luke_, or 
_Dogsbody_, or _Fire and Hemlock_. Or all of Charles DeLint.

-Margaret Ball

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