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>Philip wrote:
>>When in Christian groups (I am a Christian, FWIW) I say that although we
>>are taught that Christ is the only way to Heaven, there is nothing to
>>say that one cannot find Christ outside the institutional Church, or
>>even in other religions, my comments generally do not go down well...
>I find it a little surprising how many Christians are so strongly in favour
>of the Narnia books, when the message in the last of them is so clearly
>that bad Narnians are not saved but a good Calormene *is*.  The young
>soldier has worshipped Tash all his life, and Aslan still accepts him.  How
>does that fit in with the "anyone who isn't my sort of christian is damned"
>outlook, I ask but get no answer as a rule.

Well, for one thing, not all Christians teach that "anyone who isn't my sort
of Christian is damned."  I don't even think they're representative of the
majority anymore, unless you're in the Bible Belt of the US (possibly) and
even then, that's not a given.  I went to high school in a little town in
Texas (Cleburne) which boasted something like ninety different Christian
congregations.  Most of them were flavors of Baptist, but it was surprising
how much religious tolerance this fostered.

In my religion, poor C.S. Lewis has been adopted as an honorary Mormon--he'd
probably have hated that--because his interpretations of Christian doctrine
are similar enough to ours that a Latter-day Saint can read his books very
comfortably.  I like his theological writings as well as his fiction, and
frankly I wish more people read _Till We Have Faces_--very complex issues of
faith and one's relationship to God.

Melissa Proffitt

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