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On Monday 19 June 2006 09:56, Roger Burton West wrote:

[re: Magic: the Gathering]

> The changing-hands of cards is not essential - when I briefly played
> (with donated cards), we didn't use it - but it _is_ listed as part of
> the rules.

Was, if I remember correctly; it was removed because of unfortunate
interactions with gaming laws. I've never met anyone who /used/ the
ante rules, even when they were in the ruleset.

> The primary problem, as Minnow points out, is that anyone 
> below a particular level of disposable income (enough to select all the
> cards one wants) is essentially uncompetitive with anyone above it. The
> continuing run of "special expansions", each of which contains new more
> powerful cards 

They do try hard, as far as I can tell, to balance the card powers. While
if you play tournament rules, you can only use the core plus sufficiently
recent expansions, in casual play you can play with whatever your local
group might choose to allow.

I would have said Magic isn't really a kids game (although kids do play
it). Dunno what the proportions are like.

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