[DWJ] Re: TdVC

Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 00:55:02 EDT 2006

Philip  wrote:
> That said, I've never read The Da Vinci Code.  I have read Angels and
> Demons, and (while I agree with the examples of awful writing cited on
> the list) I found that bad writing was almost the only thing I _didn't_
> notice as being wrong with it.  The plot was far-fetched; the
> science-fiction elements were poorly researched, and didn't fit with the
> story; the characters' motives were distorted by what I took to be Dan
> Brown's own views; the Church bits were poorly researched; there was an
> atmosphere of "this is for Americans who can't be expected to know about
> Europe"; and the notion that the ambigrams were impossible to construct
> was given the lie by their inclusion in the book.  Need I go on?

There are two good things about The Da Vinci Code:
1. It doesn't take long.
2. It adds significantly to the fun of reading Foucault's Pendulum,
which is a very enjoyable book anyway but having written as a response
to Holy Blood, Holy Grail (I assume) sometimes seems a direct parody
of TdVC (but far more literate).


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