[DWJ] Re: Nancy Drew (was Love Story)

sylvia . . . harriet_thespy at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 17 20:06:02 EDT 2006

>I worked in a school once where a pair of Christian parents refused to 
>their child to study  A Wrinkle In Time. No amount of explaining the whole
>"good triumphs over evil" nature of the book would changed their mind. 
>the child of very sensible Christians (my dad is a retired minister), I too
>get annoyed, Elizabeth!

In fourth grade, my best friend's heavily Presbyterian parents protested 
when our teacher began to read Monica Furlong's "Wise Child" out loud to us, 
because it dealt with witches.  Of course, had they bothered to actually pay 
any attention to the book, they might have noticed that it was about witches 
being persecuted by Christians for being Wiccan, and that the general 
message was that everybody worships in their own way and that's fine as long 
as you don't try to infringe on other people (well, among other messages), 
but.  The teacher wound up reading us something else, instead.  These are 
the same parents that, when the Magic: the Gathering card game became 
popular when I was in middle school, refused to allow their daughter even to 
play it with me, much less buy her own cards.  (Truthfully, I look back on 
this friendship now and wonder how we got along as well as we did...)

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