[DWJ] Titles (was London Meet)

Elizabeth Parks henx19 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 10:36:57 EDT 2006

> The other book I wish I hadn't read is Dracula - I read this aged 12 or
> so, thinking I'd stop if it got scary, but by the time I got scared I was
> too far in and couldn't stop.  I can't remember details of the plot now,
> but even thinking enough to write this is starting my heart beating
> faster. I've never dared to try Sunshine in case it's similar, and avoid
> all horror now just in case.  (Thankfully no-one told me Neil Gaiman was
> considered horror until I'd read several of his books:-))
> Jane Scarlett

I read it at about seven or eight and was terrified for months by the idea
of vampires more than anything else.  I read it again in college (I had the
loveliest Gothic novel course at St.Andrews, in a room overlooking the
ruined castle and the sea, which made it quite easy to ignore how terrible
my tutor was) and it was much, much easier to get through.

It's never gory scenes that frighten me--it's ideas.  The worst thing ever
was the movie Ghost, which my aunt took me to see when it came out.  I was
nine or so, and I spent the next eight months afraid to sleep or really to
look behind me at all, because I was terrified that I, like the guy in the
movie, would turn around and discover that I had died without noticing.

The only DWJ books that I've ever had queasy moments with are Dark Lord (the
rape scene), and Sudden Wild Magic, but I can't remember why.  I avoid
vampire books in general, though, and am quite glad that DWJ doesn't seem to
want to write one (or if she does write one, it'll probably be a Tough Guide


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