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On 17/6/06 09:48, "Jane Scarlett" <mail at janescarlett.com> wrote:
> Oh yes - that got me exactly the same way.  I sort of enjoyed Justine, and
> got to the end of that, but 120 days I barely got started.
> The other book I wish I hadn't read is Dracula - I read this aged 12 or
> so, thinking I'd stop if it got scary, but by the time I got scared I was
> too far in and couldn't stop.  I can't remember details of the plot now,
> but even thinking enough to write this is starting my heart beating
> faster. I've never dared to try Sunshine in case it's similar, and avoid
> all horror now just in case.  (Thankfully no-one told me Neil Gaiman was
> considered horror until I'd read several of his books:-))

While I would hesitate to say you should try RM's Sunshine anyway, I enjoyed
it very much, although horror is not a genre I enjoy. There is definitely a
very gruesome episode in it, but it is not scary, I don't think.

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