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Oh yes.  I encourage libraries to buy them as being a black-fingernailed
baby wiccan  is much safer than kids trying to practice 'witchcraft'
based on the  accounts of the witch trials that libraries seem to have in
abundance. Or  worse, the plot of "The Active Enzyme Lemon-Freshened 
Junior High School  Witch"  by Wallace Hildick... *sigh*

I remember trying to get my best friend to go along with re-enacting  
_Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth_, with me  playing 
the part of Jennifer. We definitely got as far as the fingernail  clippings and 
the milkshakes with raw eggs. I gave it up after reading a book  about 
Satanism and deciding this witchcraft business wasn't for me.
Helen Schinske

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