[DWJ] Banning books (was Nancy Drew)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Fri Jun 16 05:34:47 EDT 2006

Irina wrote:

> I don't actually ban books as such --they can read anything they want--
> but I've strongly recommended against *buying* books that actively
> encourage becoming a witch yourself (they exist! aimed at teenage
> girls). If they want to read those, they can get them from the library;
> I don't want them to become part of the inventory of our house.

which I guess goes to show once again how much is in the eye of the
beholder: I haven't read the Wicca/'Boke of Shadowes'-type books I think
you're referring to, Irina, because they look a bit didactic and shallow
and anyway I'm not that interested in (that version of) Wicca, but... on
an Internet community I moderate, which has a section for witches,
magicians and other interested parties, there's currently a thread in
which two or three people have mentioned DWJ's work as helpful in their
magical practice. The encouragement's not quite as literal as the kind of
Wicca YA books you're talking about (when was DWJ ever as literal as
that?), but people have seen it!

Thanks for the welcome-back, by the way, everyone. It's nice to see you
all. Oh - and I live in Bristol, with my Melbourne girlfriend (we're
aiming to live between Bristol and Melbourne), which is one of the reasons
I dropped off the list for a year or two: I was finishing my PhD, getting
a job and moving to Bristol. It's still a bit hectic.

Love, Ika

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