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Judith Ridge Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au
Thu Jun 15 20:01:49 EDT 2006

Is it your own settings, Irina? I ask because usually when I reply to a DWJ
email, it only goes back to the list address, but when I hit "reply" to your
email, your address came up as well as the list address. (And I hit "reply",
not "reply all".)

And now I don't know whether to send this to the list or to you personally!


On 16/6/06 2:23 AM, "Irina Rempt" <irina at valdyas.org> wrote:

> Please, when any of you reply to anything I wrote on the list, could you
> send it to the list *only*?
> Unless it's meant only for me personally, of course.
> If you reply to the list *and* to me, my mailer throws it into my inbox
> (where it sits and annoys me) instead of in the list mailbox (where I
> can read it in context), and I can't disabuse it of that without
> rebuilding my filters from scratch.
> Thank you for your attention.
>    Irina

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