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On 16/6/06 2:03 AM, "Elizabeth G. Holtrop" <elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com>

> I just don't understand banning all reading with witches in it.   I'm a
> Christian, and fantasy is one of my favorite genres because of  how it makes
> me think about the world in new ways.  Where do  religious parents draw the
> line?  I think every Christian parent I  know would condone The Chronicles of
> Narnia, because they're written by  a Christian author.  But what about
> Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle  in Time, also by a Christian author, also with
> witches?  The  definition of "witch" is only as deep as the author is using it
> to  be.  I get seriously annoyed when Christians don't see the broader
> perspective.
>   E.

I worked in a school once where a pair of Christian parents refused to allow
their child to study  A Wrinkle In Time. No amount of explaining the whole
"good triumphs over evil" nature of the book would changed their mind. Being
the child of very sensible Christians (my dad is a retired minister), I too
get annoyed, Elizabeth!


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