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I just don't understand banning all reading with witches in it.   I'm a Christian, and fantasy is one of my favorite genres because of  how it makes me think about the world in new ways.  Where do  religious parents draw the line?  I think every Christian parent I  know would condone The Chronicles of Narnia, because they're written by  a Christian author.  But what about Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle  in Time, also by a Christian author, also with witches?  The  definition of "witch" is only as deep as the author is using it to  be.  I get seriously annoyed when Christians don't see the broader  perspective.

Irina Rempt <irina at valdyas.org> wrote:  On Thursday 15 June 2006 05:17, J.E. Powers wrote:

> My neighbor banned DWJ from her teenage son (and any other fantasy
> writer who mentioned witchcraft.)  Unfortunately, I was the one who 
> had lent him several books! -Jill

My daughters have a friend who isn't allowed to read anything with 
witchcraft in; this was relaxed once for a movie-going birthday party 
(it was _Ella Enchanted_, I think). She seems to have internalised it; 
the DWJ reader once offered that she can come to our house and read the 
books there, but the friend said "no, that's not allowed". The strange 
thing is that this girl *does* get to watch movies with lots of 
violence, even gore, that my daughters shudder at-- I don't *have* to 
forbid those, or even decide whether to forbid them, because they plain 
don't like them!


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