Bristol and Oz was Re: [DWJ] Re: was 'Mediocre fantasy serieses', now OT telephone

Charles Butler charlescbutler at
Thu Jun 15 11:04:39 EDT 2006

Otter Perry <ottertee at> wrote:
  >Speaking of Bristol, I'm in the middle of rereading _Deep Secret_
[which makes me want to go to Eastercon, which I can't possibly
do]. Last night, though, flailing around my bookshelves, my hand
landed on William Mayne's _Midsummer Fair_, which I decided
to reread. Only I found that I hadn't read it before. I can't say I 
deeply thrilled by it [as opposed to, say, _Earthfasts_] and I
doubt I will keep it, but it certainly had a lot of Bristol in it.
  Ooh, I haven't come across that one! I must check it out.

>And speaking of Oz, which I have noticed occasionally arises,
has anybody else read _Strandloper_? And did they think it was
any good? I was somewhat underwhelmed, but sometimes Garner
works for me and sometimes he doesn't.
  I found Strandloper fascinating, ambitious, profound, and many other good things. But it wasn't a warm book somehow - in fact at times it seemed to be actively trying to put me off reading it. (Then there's the whole cultural appropriation can o' worms, but that's another story.)  All the same virtues, but none of the same offputtingness, is to be found in his more recent book, Thursbitch - which I thoroughly recommend.


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