[DWJ] Re: was 'Mediocre fantasy serieses', now OT telephone

sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Wed Jun 14 21:15:51 EDT 2006

Judith Ridge writes: 

> No phone call I get would warrant such attention, Sally! Leave a message if
> it's that important ;-)

I have adult children, and once in a while it's something urgent (as when my 
daughter's car blew in the middle of a busy Melbourne street. Her dad talked 
her through that one, because she didn't know the name of the piece she 
needed fixed. She is a bit prone to crises, and the weird thing is, none of 
them are ever her fault. Seriously. Someone's tyre blew out and debries hit 
Tig's car. A kangaroo jumped on her car and smashed in the front. Her 
battery (a newish one) died in the middle of nowhere. We couldn't do 
anything practical, but at least a little moral support is something... ) If 
I was childless, I would probably let the phone ring as much as it liked. 


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