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Robyn said...

> Cordelia, as the wife of the Prime Minister, is a tricky case. She going 
> to have a hard time doing anything that isn't political unless she is 
> locked up in a cupboard and never offers an opinion to Aral. He respects 
> her opinion, and takes it into account when he makes decisions. Her 
> decision to have Miles is an immensely political act, and she knows it, 
> too. I can't remember which book it is, but there's a conversation where 
> she explains why she never went to Beta colony with some of Aral's DNA.

I agree that Cordelia's decision to have Miles - or rather, her insistence 
on keeping him after the soltoxin attack - is at least partly a political 
one, and she knows and admits it too, in her arguments with Count Piotr, 
though not quite in so many words.  And Miles later accepts and takes on 
that political agenda; more than once he says that by forcing people to 
accept him, he's making life a little easier for those who come after him.

But IIRC, Cordelia herself doesn't say anything (that we are shown, at 
least) about why she never went to Beta Colony with some of Aral's DNA. 
*Miles* says somewhere, to Mark, I think, that his parents never had another 
child after him because they didn't want him to feel not good enough.  Now, 
there was probably a political aspect to that decision (what would be the 
chances of Miles getting to be heir, first-born or not, if he had a "normal" 
brother?).  But overtly at least, that's a personal decision made for Miles' 

The thing is, I don't think you can ascribe *one* motivation to any act or 
decision.  Politics (and not just the obvious manouevring) *must* come into 
everything Cordelia does on Barrayar, as it must come into everything Aral 
does, or Miles does, or even Ivan or anyone else connected to the 
Vorkosigans does.  But it's rarely the only or even the over-riding factor. 
In fact, the only *purely* political decision I can think of off-hand is 
Aral's decision to execute the unfortunate Vorhalas youth...and look what 
comes of that!

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