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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 14 14:49:56 EDT 2006

I was being a bit flippant and quoting Steinem et al. I do tend to lean 
towards interpreting the meanings of actions, and so it is hard for me 
to come up with blanket categories of apolitical actions. Those actions 
have to be entirely private for them to be apolitical, for one thing, 
and I think that personal motivation can't be used to redefine a clearly 
political action, as in the examples of Cordelia, and me and George W.

Cordelia, as the wife of the Prime Minister, is a tricky case. She going 
to have a hard time doing anything that isn't political unless she is 
locked up in a cupboard and never offers an opinion to Aral. He respects 
her opinion, and takes it into account when he makes decisions. Her 
decision to have Miles is an immensely political act, and she knows it, 
too. I can't remember which book it is, but there's a conversation where 
she explains why she never went to Beta colony with some of Aral's DNA.

Margaret Ball wrote:

> Robyn wrote
>> The personal is political. Not giving ground here at all. Yes, her 
>> motivation is personal, but the action is a political action. If I 
>> assassinated George Bush because I was irritated beyond all reason by 
>> his inept use of grammar, it would still be a political act.
> "The personal is political." Do you mean that all actions are 
> necessarily political, and therefore nobody can be described as 
> "apolitical", and therefore there is no point to this discussion?
> Or is there some category of actions that you do consider nonpolitical?

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