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Margaret said...

> BTW, you're probably right about most of those other "collaborations" 
> you've read. I quit going to sf conventions a long time ago and so I'm not 
> au fait with the current gossip, but I have heard that these 
> pseudo-collaborations have become very popular with publishers. I'd be 
> deeply suspicious of any "collaboration" where one author is a Big Name 
> and the other is somebody you never heard of!

Well, when I come across books like that, as I said, my assumption is that 
the BNA wrote the plot outline and nothing else...but I'll often pick them 
up anyway, in the hope that the person I've never heard of will turn out to 
be a good writer, and then I'll pick up the books they've written on their 
own.  Which I suppose is probably the point of these things, really, getting 
the unknown author's name known.

I do agree that it's unfair on those readers who don't know much if anything 
about the publishing industry and think they're getting more of the BNA's 
work than they really are, though.

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