[DWJ] not writing one's own books

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> _Powers That Be_ (1993 with Elizabeth Scarborough) was touted at the
> time as "McCaffrey's First Genuine Collaboration" - by its publisher,
> I think! So anything prior to that with an "and" in the author credit
> (the Ship sharecrop sequels, the Doona sequel, and the
> Sassinak/Generation Warriors/Death of Sleep lot) is likely to be as
> Margaret described hers.

That explains why at least one of the Doona sequels was written by
someone who didn't speak any Hrruban at all!

If you read "Decision at Doona", you will find that almost all Hrruban
nouns begin with either the letter H or the letter M [*].  In
particular, _all_ masculine names begin Hrr- and _all_ feminine names
begin Mrr-.  I have long believed that this is not a coincidence, but
indicates grammatical gender.

In "Crisis at Doona", I think, we start to get feminine names beginning
N and masculine names beginning T, but I think the convention of initial
letter determining gender is still observed.

I think it is in "Treaty Planet", though it might be in "Crisis", that
we start getting feminine names beginning H, like the baby girl Hrrunna,
who is named after the statesman Hrruna.  I am still convinced the
feminine of Hrruna is Mrruna...

(Quite apart from the way some of the characters seem to be totally
different people between the three books...)


[*] It's a long time since I read DaD - or any McCaffery, for that
matter - but I believe the only exception is "lva", the quantity in
which some people drink mlada.
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