[DWJ] now OT telephone

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jun 14 10:19:49 EDT 2006

Kylie wrote:

>I do pick up if I am in the mood to be rude to someone :)  There's a
>sort of call centre hum in the background that is a dead giveaway of a
>telemarketer which means I don't even have to pause to check if it is
>actually a friend before I go into "get rid of them" mode.

obDWJ, for a while (just before someone put them onto the Telephone
Preference people) her phone was infested with telesales, and her husband
was getting rather fed up with it.  Came the day he answered the phone
during supper, and it was a particularly persistant fitted-carpet sales
person.  It happened that they had actually had their house re-carpeted
fairly immediately before that, so it was an entirely futile effort that
was being made, but the bloke really wanted a sale....  In the end John
said, "I'll just ask my wife; hold on a moment" and then without covering
the mouthpiece asked her loudly, "Do you want carpet on the dining-room
ceiling, dear?  It's the only place they didn't do last month, isn't it?"

Funnily enough, at that point chummy rang off.  :-)


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