[DWJ] Re: was 'Mediocre fantasy serieses',

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jun 14 08:30:18 EDT 2006

>On 14/6/06 4:31 PM, "Juliette Curtis" <juliette at harvestroad.com> wrote:
>> Australia -- Perth, which is in the south west. The Aussie government is
>> setting up a do-not-call register and I will join the huge stampede of
>> signer-uppers as soon as the list is available.

Judith Ridge wrote:
>I have a phone with caller ID and simply don't answer it if it says
>"Private". 99/100 it's telemarketers.

The hundredth time it may be someone who like me has an ex-directory
number.  Unless I remember to dial 1470 before the number I want to ring
up, the exchange automatically witholds my number.  Since they didn't
bother to tell me about this, and since it doesn't seem to be possible to
convince them that I don't *want* this "service", I suspect that I
sometimes haven't get through not because my friends weren't in but because
they like me value their privacy.


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