[DWJ] Titles (was London Meet)

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Wed Jun 14 07:56:11 EDT 2006

>Minnow wrote
>> obDWJ, she's occasionally to be heard muttering about "dreary bloody undead
>> vamping" and once insisted that all female vampires should be issued with
>> feather boas so they could do the vamping bit properly.

and Margaret went

>And what a refreshing change from the rising tide of blood. Does this
>mean that DWJ will never ever give in to the current craze for vampires?
>(though if she _did_ write a vampire story I bet it would be extremely

She alleges that I ended up having a dream that was intended for her, which
was more-or-less about vampires living in a tunnel behind Baker Street
Underground Station -- the one you reach by going out through the passage
marked "no exit", which at any time except the height of the rush-hour ends
in a blank tiled wall just round a corner from the platform, but if you try
to use it during the rush-hour to cut ahead of the rest of the crowds you
are never seen again.  Apparently since I had it and she didn't there is
now no possibility that she will ever feel even the slightest urge to write
the story that might otherwise have been sparked by said dream.  Or so she
seemed to be implying.  (I mentioned it to her because I took having a
dream that wasn't at all part of my own dreamscape as being a sign that I
was ill; she claimed that it was just some sort of muddle at Headquarters.)

Apart from what I have said already, the only thing *I* remember about it
is that the vampires in it were blond and blonde and whether male or female
all bore a distinct resemblance to Illya Kuryakin, however he was spelt,
the *other* Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I worry about DWJ's dreaming mind, if that really was a sample of what it
produces.  I mean, why Illya?  What's wrong with Mark was it Slade, if one
*must* have a Man From U.N.C.L.E. posing as a collection of androgynous
vampires using pen-radios (with aerials that slid suddenly upwards as one
tried to write with the pens) with which to communicate with each other
*underground*?  Deeply disturbing, I found it.  (I suppose it could have
been worse: they could all have looked like Napoleon Solo, which would have
moved it from Category: Dream straight to Category: Nightmare.)


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