[DWJ] Re: was 'Mediocre fantasy serieses', now OT telephone

Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Wed Jun 14 03:49:14 EDT 2006

<wry chuckle>
Well, I used to be a journalist so ASIO already has a file on me. As 
soon as you get a by-line, you get a file. I have a pilot's licence and 
had to apply for an aviation security clearance. "They" gave me one, 
including a lanyard to hang the thing around my neck, so they have 
already decided I am harmless. Or at least that I am not going to fly a 
Cessna 152 into a large building. (Wouldn't make any difference to the 
building anyway - they're really little aircraft. Some kid did it in the 
USA with a slightly larger Cessna 172 and the aircraft got stuck in the 
building's window frame. Yes, that really happened.)
Just because I'm paranoid, it doesn't mean they're NOT out to get me!
And if being rude to telemarketers is a security offence, 99% of 
Australia is guilty ;-)

have a pilot's licenc

Robyn Starkey wrote:

> Really? You don't see it as a thinly veiled surveilance attempt that 
> will get you on the terrorist watch list for being against free 
> enterprise? ;-)
> Juliette Curtis wrote:
>> Australia -- Perth, which is in the south west. The Aussie government 
>> is setting up a do-not-call register and I will join the huge 
>> stampede of signer-uppers as soon as the list is available.
>>> ...I have no idea
>>> whether Juliette is UK based....
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