[DWJ] Bujold/Cordelia (was Titles(was London Meet))

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 14 03:19:32 EDT 2006

>> I think there's this sense in which Cordelia sees politics as 
>> Jeffersonian democracy, (or Betan democracy, or whatever), so any 
>> other political system isn't political.
> That may be, but she doesn't seem be that interested to Betan politics 
> either - otherwise she wouldn't have been so astonished on her return 
> home to find Steady Freddy hailing her as a war hero. In fact, all her 
> reactions on Beta strike me as those of a person who genuinely doesn't 
> pay attention to politics and is surprised and infuriated to find that 
> the politicians think they have any right to mess with her private life.

Well, that was my point. She isn't political according to that strict 
definiton - i.e. she doesn't care about Freddy's campaign. But that's a 
very narrow definiton.

>> there is no way that cutting off the usurper's head (or ordering 
>> same) is not a political act. 
> I dunno. Seems to me that beheading someone who has endangered your 
> child's life (and will, if allowed to live, probably go on endangering 
> it) could reasonably be described as a personal decision, not a 
> political one. I think Cordelia was a lot more interested in staying 
> alive and retrieving Miles than in who got to play Emperor on Barrayar.

The personal is political. Not giving ground here at all. Yes, her 
motivation is personal, but the action is a political action. If I 
assassinated George Bush because I was irritated beyond all reason by 
his inept use of grammar, it would still be a political act.

I suspect we are arguing semantics, but that's one of the best types of 
argument, anyway.


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