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I did read many good YA authors, but so much of what I found on the YA  shelves, or what I was required or recommended to read for  extracurricular events, was directed toward some mythical teenager who  had "problems" that the novel would solve in 250 pages.  That  attitude irked me.  It still does.  I'm not trying to  belittle the problems teenagers face -- I faced some of the typical  ones myself -- but the slightly condescending and vague tone of the  books simply made me mad.  I guess I'm thinking of Joan Bauer,  Gail Carson Levine, Louis Sachar, and their sort.  Actually, I  enjoyed reading all three of those, but too much of them at one time  and my teen angst was just boiling over.

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>   Ages 13 - 16 are young adults (the nouns "teen" and "teenager" seeming  to
> have gone out of vogue).  Steer them to the YA section in the  library and let
> the YA librarians deal with them.  Other  librarians, in my experience, want
> nothing to do with people in this  age range.  The YA librarians will offer
> them anything from the  princess/pirate books also shelved in the children's
> section, to  possibly erotic or otherwise explicit novels written for the
> teenage  audience by well-meaning or simply money-hungry authors who claim
> that  they hope to help the next generation through adolescence.

If they're money hungry, they're in the wrong business, as the authors on
this list will attest. And I'm sorry the only YA you read was tripe‹there's
so much good stuff out there.


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