[DWJ] Mediocre fantasy serieses (was Titles (was

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Tue Jun 13 23:51:50 EDT 2006

Paul wrote

> The thing I objected to wasn't the writing or its qualities as a
> marketing text, it was the screwy way it related to the actual plot.
> (As I recall, it described, as if it were the whole plot, a problem
> that doesn't even arise until about two-thirds of the way through.)
> I'm sure you couldn't have done worse without deliberate effort.
I dunno. From the publisher's point of view, a dull but accurate blurb 
is probably worse than an interesting and inaccurate one.

I must admit that with that particular book I was so stunned by the 
incredible ugliness of the cover that I hardly noticed the blurb!

-Margaret Ball

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