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> Margaret Ball wrote:
>> BTW, those "ship" sequels are sharecrops, not real collaborations....I
>> wrote the whole book based on 2 pp of scrawled notes from Annie outlining
>> a story I didn't much like and never could get really interested in. If
>> I'd known that was going to be the deal I'd never have signed the
>> contract; I still feel guilty about the people who bought the book, who
>> probably thought they were getting something that was half McCaffrey and
>> half unknown writer,instead of maybe .5% McCaffrey and 99.5% Some Fantasy
>> Writer I Never Heard Of.
> Not your one, but one at least of the "McCaffrey" books that I have read
> had in it some grammar so bad, and some words so simply *wrong* (as in
> something like militate for mitigate, though that wasn't it), that I was
> absolutely certain that Annie hadn't had anything to do with it -- she
> knows better, or at least in her early books she certainly did.  I did once
> wonder whether it would be worth trying to work out at what point she'd
> stopped writing "her" books altogether.

I've always been irritated by her confusion of words. The one that really
bugged me, because she did it repeatedly, though not in later books, was
diffident and indifferent.

But I read her for plot and to a lesser extent character rather than style.

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