[DWJ] Titles (was London Meet)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Jun 13 17:10:31 EDT 2006

Irina wrote:

>I did read
>one book by Stephen King on my mother's recommendation, don't remember
>what it was, ought to have known better.

I was pleasantly surprised by I think it was called *Carrie*, which I read
sitting on the floor of a bookshop and saying "ssssh!" when the owner of
said shop tried to talk to me.  Later I contemplated reading I think it
would be *Firestarter* on the basis of *Carrie* not having been too dire
and of a rattling good filk-song called "Daddy's Little Girl" which was
said to be based on it, but I was told I didn't have to bother because the
filk was much better than the book.

>also I avoid anything with vampires on principle.

I mostly find them simply very dull.

obDWJ, she's occasionally to be heard muttering about "dreary bloody undead
vamping" and once insisted that all female vampires should be issued with
feather boas so they could do the vamping bit properly.


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