[DWJ] Titles (was London Meet)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 13 15:18:37 EDT 2006

Margaret Ball wrote:

> Anybody ever read her earlier trilogy - _The Secret Country_, _The 
> Hidden Land_, and _The Whim of the Dragon_? It's been so long that I 
> can't quite remember now, but I think the books had an interesting 
> premise (children get into a "magic" country which turns out to be 
> based on stories they had made up earlier). To the best of my 
> increasingly fragmented recollection, the trilogy got less interesting 
> as you got farther into it - I think she quit playing with the premise 
> and got into long boring stuff about the castle politics of the 
> imaginary country - boring to me, anyway. But that might just be my 
> perspective; I am almost as apolitical as Miles Vorkosigan's mother.

So entirely political, but subtle about it, then? :-)


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