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On Tuesday, June 13, 2006, at 11:49 AM, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

> Sallyo said...
>> Dorian E. Gray writes:
>> What an infuriating book!  I thought I was going to
>>> get a nice fairy-tale retelling fantasy story.  What I got was a 
>>> mish-mash of several fairy-tale retellings
>> There's one called Donkeyskin... or some such. Have to look up the 
>> author... well known. Um, Robin McKinley? Yes, I think so.
> Oh, but I love that book (it's called "Deerskin", btw, based on the 
> fairy-tale "Donkeyskin")!
>> Not nice.
> No, it's not nice...but it's not nasty, either.  There is a very 
> horrible episode early in the book, which drives the rest of the plot. 
>  But ultimately I think it's a very hopeful book, and very well 
> written.

I like _Deerskin_, too, though I don't reread it frequently because
it requires an energy level I don't always have.  I have a lot of
McKinley and _Deerskin_ just doesn't leap into my hand as readily
as the most of the rest.  But I _love_ the puppy-raising.  How glad I
always am that it's she who's doing it and not I!


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