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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Tue Jun 13 14:01:48 EDT 2006

Margaret said...

> BTW, those "ship" sequels are sharecrops, not real collaborations....I 
> wrote the whole book based on 2 pp of scrawled notes from Annie outlining 
> a story I didn't much like and never could get really interested in. If 
> I'd known that was going to be the deal I'd never have signed the 
> contract; I still feel guilty about the people who bought the book, who 
> probably thought they were getting something that was half McCaffrey and 
> half unknown writer,instead of maybe .5% McCaffrey and 99.5% Some Fantasy 
> Writer I Never Heard Of.

Hah!  I feel vindicated!

I always thought that was probably the case with that set of novels, and 
with a lot of other "collaborations" I've read, too.  It's rather pleasing 
to learn that I was right.

(But, ugh, I'd hate to get stuck writing a story I didn't like.  Didn't the 
contract have the division of labour in it?  Or would you have been okay 
doing it if you'd actually liked the story?)

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