[DWJ] Swithering Depths (was Titles (was London Meet))

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Tue Jun 13 13:15:01 EDT 2006

SallyO wrote

> It's a Gothic, isn't it? The kind it's fashionable to denigrate when 
> written in the 70s, but this one it Litter-mature because it was writ 
> in the 19th C.
Yeah, but not all the 19thC Gothics get to be Literature - look at 
_Glenarvon_, for instance. (or better, don't look - it'll rot your 
brain). I thought that would have to be interesting because it was a 
roman a clef in which I actually knew something about the people she was 
portraying, but I couldn't get through it. WH is a lot more readable 
than _Glenarvon_, or for that matter than _The Old English Baron_ or 
_The Mysteries of Udolpho_ or oops, I'm getting back into the 18th century.

The only good thing I can think of about _Glenarvon_ is that if Lady 
Caroline Lamb hadn't written it, Georgette Heyer might not have written 

-Margaret Ball

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