[DWJ] Mediocre fantasy serieses

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Jun 13 13:12:03 EDT 2006

SallyO wrote:

>I like quite a few of Anne McCaffrey's books, esp. her earlier non-fantasies
>(which is odd of me). Margaret, you have co-written with her, haven't you?
>Co-writing is always interesting.

I am very fond of *The Kilternan Legacy*, and is it *A Stich in Snow* or
just *Stitch in Snow*?  I wasn't much taken with the one about the
police-dog called Merlin, if that was what he was, and you can tell I
wasn't because I can't remember it all that well.

>I used to enjoy the Dragonrider books a lot, but I think I got lost when
>they atarted appearing out of order. I wanted to know what was happening to
>the people I knew, not their remote ancestors. My favourites were the Harper
>Hall ones, I think.

I think I may have been agreeing with you in advance, as it were: it was
when the series began to try to pull together the two different strands
(slightly out of sequence) and fill in the back-story that I began to get
bored and wandered away.  I think the capper was probably *Moreta's Ride*,
because the whole thing didn't make sense: if she could flit around in
time, why didn't she just take a ten-day break twenty years before, and
then do all the frantic kafuffling that killed her from exhaustion once she
was no longer exhausted?  Ans, because the song, written before the book
was, had to be accurate, so she had to die of doing that ride.  Well, bah.
That's cheating, making a previously quite sensible person behave like a
complete idiot.

In fact that was my complaint at least three times: that apparently
sensible people behaved stupidly just to make a plot-point.  Lessa turns
into an irrational shrew, Moreta into a fool, and whatitsface's mother into
someone who has forgotten her own early life completely, and in each case
it didn't stand up, for me.


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